Classic Collection

(made with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients)

The Classic Collection offers both innerspring and latex construction mattress models utilizing the finest materials from around the world such as pristine staple cotton, chemical free French wool, and Talalay latex from the Netherlands to provide a healthy, comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.


(takes purity to the next level)

The Premier Natural Collection is our luxury natural collection, and offers both innerspring and latex construction mattress models. Featuring a softer covering made with organic cotton for a plusher feel, and contains materials including layers made with organic cotton, French Wool, and natural Talalay latex from the Netherlands.


(made with organic cotton, French Wool, and organic latex)

The Natural Collection is made with ingredients such as organic cotton, French wool, and GOLS organic latex – ideal for people with allergies, chemical sensitivities, or just want to sleep on a healthy mattress. The Natural Collection feels firmer compared to the Premier Natural Collection, which feels plusher.

Dream Spring Collection

(top of the line)

The Dream Spring Collection is the pinnacle featuring German engineered innersprings containing nearly 4000 individually pocketed coils in a king size mattress contouring to every curve of the body. Depending on the Dream Spring model, we incorporate natural materials such as cashmere, silk, alpaca, camel, French wool, and staple cotton for the ultimate in sleeping comfort.