Firmness Rating:

Mattress Thickness: 15.5″approx.
Box Spring: 8″ standard, or 6″ low profile upon request

– Breathable All Cotton Covering

Breathable All Cotton Covering

Luxurious all cotton fabric covering ventilates body heat to sleep more comfortably. The fabric is woven on precision computerized looms to exacting and consistent specifications.

– Exquisite French Wool to Wick Away Moisture

Exquisite French Wool to wick away moisture

In a world so full of modern day chemicals, it’s exceptional when we can enjoy the benefits of wool the way nature intended – all natural, no chemicals added. The sheep we select our wool from live in picturesque open ranges in France. The wool is gently hand washed in baking soda and water. Wool is hypoallergenic, resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites, and the naturally coil shaped wool fibers dissipate excess body heat and moisture to create an optimally dry and neutral temperature zone for a sound night’s sleep.

– Natural Flame Barrier

Natural Flame Barrier

– Made with wood pulp and silica (sand)
– No carcinogenic chemicals (Prop.65 Compliant)
– Soft, silky, and flexible feel enhances overall comfort
– Compostable, environmentally friendly
– Prevents flames from penetrating to inside of mattress
– Considered a natural product by U.S. Trade Commission

– Comfort Fill for Added Plushness

Comfort Fill for Added Plushness

Located underneath the French Wool layer is a layer of odorless Comfort Fill hypoallergenic polyester fiber for added plushness.

– Talalay Latex Cushioning

Talalay Latex Cushioning

Extra thick and soft Talalay latex layer provides “cloud-like” relaxation and pressure point relief. Additionally, a firm layer of Talalay latex is added internally to provide additional support. Latex pincore construction allows body heat to ventilate. Latex is derived from the milky white sap of rubber tree plantations, and then processed at a modern plant in the Netherlands to exacting standards of quality.

– Quilted Staple Cotton Support Layer

Quilted Staple Cotton Support Layer

Staple cotton is specially quilted into a dense support pad, and positioned in the center third of the mattress for additional orthopedic support where it’s needed the most.

– Hypoallergenic Insulator Pad

Hypoallergenic Insulator Pad

A thin, yet durable layer of odorless hypoallergenic polyester fiber is secured to the surface of the innerspring to provide support preventing the cotton layers from pocketing into the coils.

– Royal Flex 800i Innerspring Unit

Royal Flex 800i Innerspring Unit

Precision Engineered in Switzerland, and made in the USA, our Royal-Flex mattress innerspring system is double heat tempered to provide lasting and consistent support. The Royal Flex features a double offset coil design with open ended unknotted 6-turn coils to provide greater sensitivity to body contours, and overall support. And made with upcycled steel to provide less impact on the environment.

– T-Spring Side Supports

T-Spring Side Supports

T-Spring Side Supports are connected by hand equidistant around the perimeter of the Royal-Flex innerspring unit to heavy duty border wire for side to side sleeping comfort and support.

– Two Sided Construction for Longevity

Two Sided Construction for Longevity

– Royal-Pedic mattresses are built with an equal amount of materials on each side of the mattress, so you can turn the mattress over and sleep on the other side.
– Double Sided mattresses can enhance longevity. Mattresses that are no-flip designs, are only built with padding on one side, so you can’t flip it over.

– Double Diamond Box Spring

Double Diamond Box Spring

Royal-Pedic’s Double Diamond Box Spring features 50% more modular supports in the center-third of the box spring unit where it’s needed most (over 60% of our body weight is located in our torso). The coil wire is our heavy duty 8 3/4 gauge as compared to 9 1/2 gauge as standard. Mounted on 5-Star hotel grade wide slat construction insures durability. Upholstered with the finest staple cotton padding, and heavy duty cotton fabric undercloth. Most box springs these days are foundations, which do not have give. Royal-Pedic box springs have flexiblity providing an extra layer of suspension for enhanced overall comfort.


The Royal Cloud Pillowtop Mattress is the most plush and luxurious double sided pillowtop mattress in the Classic Collection offering “cloud like” comfort to shoulders and hips, while still maintaining support. You deserve to be this pampered…

Extra thick boxed style pillowtop portions contain soft Talalay latex for relaxation and pressure point relief. Pincore construction in the latex allows for body heat to ventilate.

While many mattresses these days can be rolled or folded up into a small box, there is no substite for making a world class quality mattress, and the Royal Cloud Pillowtop Mattress is just that – Ultra Premium.

If your heart desires to go even softer, we can customize the mattress to be made with our ultra soft German stretch knit cotton fabric, which expands and flexes with weight, then rebounds to its original shape providing next level comfort to hips and shoulders for pressure point relief. Just making this one change takes the plushness to Level 5, our softest category for an even more soothing sleeping experience.

The Double Diamond Box Spring supports the mattress and provides an extra layer of suspension for increased comfort. The center-third of the box spring contains 50% more modules to add extra support where it’s needed the most. 5-Star hotel grade wide slatted wood frame provides greater durability. California King and Eastern King sizes have two box springs.