1. Belgian Cotton Ticking ventilates body heat and provides luxurious feel.

2. Chemical free, French wool naturally provides additional ventilation and surface cushioning. Lamb's wool contains lanolin, which is a natural dust mite repellant. No synthetic dust mite allergy covers are needed.

3. Cushion of odorless and hypoallergenic Comfort Fil 7 polyester fiber padding for resiliency and extra comfort.

4. Layer of natural latex for added cushioning and comfort. Not polyurethane foam, so you have far better durability against body impressions, and much healthier material to sleep on.

5. Generous layers of staple cotton padding are hand tufted for orthopedic internal mattress support. No polyurethane foam, so durability is greatly improved, and cotton does not emit the petrochemical vapors contained in polyurethane foam that can adversely affect sensitive people.

6. Swiss designed, high coil count Royal-Flex® Innerspring System provides excellent support and increased sensitivity to body contours.

7. T-Spring Side Supports reinforce the sides of the mattress for edge to edge sleeping comfort and support.

8. Royal-Pedic Double Diamond Box Spring provides extra durable, 8 3/4 gauge box spring wiring with 22% more coils than an average "good quality" box spring, and with 50% more coils in the center-third where it's needed most. Heavy Duty, 5 Star Hotel Grade Wide Slat Wood Frame for durability and support.