Natural Pillowtop Pads

The Natural Pillowtop Pads are designed to add surface plushness and luxurious comfort to the mattress. Made with durable and soft organic cotton fabric covering for breathability, quilted comfort layers made with organic French wool to wick away moisture and provide even surface temperature, and supported by a layer of GOLS certified organic latex for pressure point relief to hips and shoulders.

Natural 2" Pillowtop Pad

A great choice for those that want to add some surface plushness to the bed, while not sacrificing support. The Natural 2" Pillowtop makes a tangible softness difference when added to the orthopedic firm Natural Cotton w/Wool Wrap Mattress for a not too hard, not too soft feel for most people. Or add it to the Natural Latex Quilt-Top Mattress for those that want an even softer feeling bed. (Pillowtop pad thickness is approximate)

Natural 3" & 4" Pillowtop Pads

Taking luxurious comfort to the next level, the Natural 3" & 4" Pillowtop Pads feature boxed edge construction, and are made with the organic French wool quilted to the surface side of the pillowtop pad. These pillowtop pads contains more GOLS certified organic latex than the 2" version resulting in a more plush feel. (Pillowtop pad thickness is approximate).

Advantages of the Natural Pillowtop Pad:

  1. Adds surface plushness and luxurious comfort to a mattress.
  2. May enhance lifespan of underlying mattress, as body weight is first absorbed by the pillowtop pad.
  3. If need be, a replacement pillowtop pad can be purchased separately.
  4. Being able to remove the pillowtop pad to rotate the mattress means less weight to handle, as compared to a mattress where the pillowtop pad(s) are sewn in.